A Great Multitude One Can Count

Merijn Wijma


Merijn Wijma

jaarboek, kerkgeschiedenis, kerkstatistiek, ledentallen

Cultuur en geschiedenis, Motief, Recente titels


Paginaʽs: 466

ISBN: 9789463691802

The Dutch Reformed ecclesial landscape is very divided. More and more churches and denominations arise and sometimes two or more merge. All of them continually gain new members, either from other churches or people who have recently become interested in the church, or because children are born into the congregation. On the other hand, many members are leaving. All of these numbers are being kept track of in the yearbooks that most denominations have published annually for more than hundred years.

A Great Multitude One Can Count is a description and analysis of these membership numbers. Eight different Reformed denominations are discussed with regards to the statistical development and spatial distribution of their members. These data are compared to one another and salient phenomena are discussed. What causes growth? Why do churches shrink? Why does each denomination seem to have a similar development of membership numbers? What exactly is the Bible belt? How do experientialist churches differ from others in their growth and distribution? These and more questions are addressed in this dissertation by Merijn Wijma.



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